Sunday, 8 January 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends the Healthcare Care Industry Needs to Know in 2017

Can you believe that the New Year is already here? It seemed just like yesterday we were ringing in 2016. But time flies, and as it does, it brings with it new change. This rings particularly true in the world of Social Media. Some things have stayed the same, but much has changed. And these changes are important to know and understand as you start to develop your marketing strategy for 2017.  

The biggest key to developing your marketing strategy in2017 is this; you must understand your audience. You need to know what makes them tick. What it is that drives them to social media or to certain sites. Finding out what they want and how they want it is crucial when trying to market towards your specific audience. Sure data is great, understanding the social media sites is great, tactics are great, it’s all great. But, if you fail to understand your audience, you will fail to secure them as potential clients.

One way you can start understanding your audience, and social media as a whole, is by recognizing the growing trends. According to research the biggest trends on social media right now are boiled down into 3 things.

1.      Video (live, recorded, and 360-marketing)
2.      Influencer marketing
3.      Bots

Let’s look at video. For a couple years now, video on social media has flourished. More and more people have started to use it as away of communicating, expressing thoughts, ideas, and opinions. They use it to vent, to make people laugh, or to show off their cool skills. As video grew in popularity, social media sites recognized this, and started making changes to make it their sites primes source of communication. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. all now carry some form of live feed. Because of this, Marketing Tips for sMALL bUsinEss are now being built around video and live feeds to better interact with customers and clients. So, keep video in the front of your mind as you start to develop your healthcare focused marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing is another big one on social media. People like people. People trust people. Especially, when the aforementioned people are people who are well known, famous, or are a social media god or goddess. A lot of times a business will approach a person with a large followings on social media to promote their business or product. You see it all the time these days. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are filled with people who are constantly advertising brands, products, and services. This trend as a marketing strategy continues to gain popularity. If you can find a person of affluence in your industry who has a good number of followers, you may want to consider reaching out.

Bots. Oh how the Terminator would love us for this. Bots are applications that perform an automated task, such as setting an alarm, telling you the weather, or searching online. Siri, for example, is a bot. They serve many purposes and continue to take the social media world by storm. Because after all, who really wants to do anything themselves?

It is important to understand and take into consideration all of these growing trends when you develop your SEO strategy for the year 2017. Social media has become the primary source of advertisement and growing a brand’s awareness. Which makes perfect sense because everyone is on it and everyone uses it. But, that doesn’t mean you can just post something on social media and be done. You need to make sure your content is quality, that you are building a following, and that you are taking into account what your clients and patients want. If you can learn how to do this, then you’ll set yourself up for success in the coming year of 2017. 

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