Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tops Reasons to Avoid Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is defined by different people in different ways. But the simple definition of black hat SEO is that it’s anything related to marketing on internet that violates Google guidelines.

Nevertheless, there are people who think that black hat SEO can be the faster way to get marketing boost on Google. Well, it’s the huge mistake one can make by thinking of black hat SEO as something beneficial. It remains beneficial until Google find this practice through algorithmic scanning or by manual action. And you know what happens afterwards.

It’s unfortunate that some SEO professionals find it beneficial for some websites to try this dark type of SEO. Nevertheless, they should instead focus on the reasons why situations like this can happen.

Having that said, you should know the reasons why black hat SEO can still work for a few websites.

The early stage of SEO
When a website is launched and marketing professionals think about bringing it on the top, it’s the time when they could use a quicker boost in traffic to bring the website in spotlight. However, it is to be remembered that such results disappear with the same pace with which they would appear.

Some marketers continue with this practice even though they know about this undesirable result. The reason is that there are some websites which require quicker traffic boost for specific purposes, such as affiliate programs. Such programs are usually of disposable type.

Need for aggressive marketing
While the vocals about ethical SEO can say that there is no need to bring in the black hat when legitimate SEO can always help in pulling off great results, they wouldn’t convince the marketers of businesses which require aggressive marketing efforts. Such businesses basically include casinos, prescription medicines and mortgage loans. These websites commonly use black hat SEO as their life saving technique to bring back business into the SERPs.

Bad news for such marketers is that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the results of such aggressive marketing. Moreover, such marketing efforts definitely fail when these are applied to the normal businesses which can get promoted by white hat methods.

Less competition
When you are in the field of SEO, you will need to hear from the experts across the globe. This is how you learn things effectively. While discussing things in chat and forums, you may find some experts advocating black hat. They might even show you the case study with genuine results, leading you to find no way other than to get convinced.

Well, you don’t need to be tricked by this. The reason such marketing efforts may show results can be the less competition in the area for which the website has been prepared. In other words, the maturity level of Amazon SEO in such areas can be quite lower. Therefore, any website in that area, with the help of any kind of SEO, would rank higher than the website which wouldn’t utilize any SEO.


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